Our work in the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

We’ve been bringing brand new books and regular storytelling visits to children at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital in Scotland since 2014 – the patients there have enjoyed over 5,000 brand new books since we arrived!

“The books we receive from Read For Good help children escape day-to-day life in the hospital setting.  They fire imagination and let children gain some control.  A good book is like a good friend and hospital can be a lonely place. When families are stressed and tired it is lovely to be able to suggest that they read a story together as a family. With Read For Good donations we always have a supply of beautiful books and stories to offer.”

Play Services Manager, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

Our Scottish storyteller, Gerry, always bring smiles to the faces of young patients and their families, telling traditional tales, sometimes accompanied by his trusty guitar! The tight-knit team always welcome Gerry’s visits, and together they bring a strong sense of community to the wards.

One young patient, Corran, has regular long stays at Aberdeen. Her ward is at the end of the corridor so she often hears Gerry long before she sees him. Her mum says that this sound instantly brings a huge grin to her face and a small gasp of “I hear Gerry!”. 

You never know who’s going to appear at our bookcase!
Corran and Gerry