Downloads and extras for your sponsored read

Running and promoting your sponsored read

Step by step guide

Downloadable pupil’s sponsorship form

Letter to send home to parents

Powerpoint for pupils to use to present to others

How to send in your sponsor money

Creating a buzz in school!

Posters, bunting and logos

Today I’m reading poster

What is reading?

How your money makes a difference poster

Warning! Books change lives poster

Other resources and activities

How to run a school book club

Gift Aid Explained – getting it right!

Take our reading challenge!


Primary launch video

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Secondary launch video

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What happens when schools run Readathon

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Why teachers love Readathon

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Thank You from Read for Good Patron Sir Tony Robinson

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A message from Bear Grylls

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A message from Danny Wallace

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A story from Read for Good Storyteller Wilf

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