Our team

Justine Daniels – CEO

I have the privilege of leading the best team in the world, united in our passion to get the nation’s kids to love reading. With two ‘reluctant readers’ of my own, who themselves seem to be constantly hard-wired to some device or other, I know how difficult, but also how incredibly important it is to keep the magic of reading and stories alive. justine@readforgood.org

Cherry Land – COO

My role reflects the huge range and reach of Read for Good’s work; from looking after our 11 professional hospital storytellers and overseeing the six-weekly delivery of 120 brand new books in all of the UK’s 30 major children’s hospitals, to the distribution of free resource kits to thousands of schools throughout the year. Welcoming our growing band of enthusiastic volunteers who provide office support and help to collate and pack book donations in our warehouse, is another reason why I love coming to work every day! cherry@readforgood.org

Barbara Williams – Head of Fundraising

For as long as I can remember books have magicked me into different worlds and granted me many lives. I am passionate about the power of a good story to offer escapism, adventure and new horizons, as well as lessons in bravery, resilience and imagination. I believe that these experiences should be available to all children, and I’m excited to be part of Read for Good to help make that happen. My role is to support our fantastic fundraising team to make sure we have the resources we need to spark a life-long love of reading in even more children.barbara@readforgood.org

Marisa Godfrey – Head of Schools Development

I have always loved reading. As a child I immersed myself in books and comics and enjoyed the intimacy I felt with the characters. Reading was an escape from the trials of everyday life and provided comfort and amusement. It also introduced me to different lived experiences, which started to open my eyes to the complexities of the world. As an adult I love seeing the excitement and affirmation that a good story can bring to children and young people. I am passionate about ensuring that all children discover the joy of reading and experience the numerous benefits that they will gain as a result. My role is to support our team to build relationships with schools and other organisations to ​demonstrate the power and impact our programmes. marisa@readforgood.org

Lucy Robinson – Readathon Manager

As a former primary school teacher and mum of two who view reading as ‘homework’, I fully understand the challenges teachers and pupils face, which helps me to support schools running our Readathon. I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered such an awesome bunch of talented and dedicated people to work with, in a truly amazing charity which shares the love of reading with everyone, everywhere! lucy@readforgood.org

Jane Crompton – Fundraising and Development Manager

After working in publishing for many years, and then for various charitable causes, I could not miss the opportunity to make a difference through books, so aptly described by Stephen King as ‘a uniquely portable magic’. My role at Read for Good is not really about money, it’s about making that difference – spreading the magic of brilliant books and spellbinding stories to as many children as possible. It’s about working in partnership with all our incredible, like-minded supporters, to change lives. jane@readforgood.org

Tash Hyde – Books and Libraries Lead

During my time as an outreach librarian, I was fortunate enough to see how much joy reading and books bring to children and families. Reading for pleasure is so important – it’s an escape, a way to find out more about the world, a place to find inspiration, and an activity that empowers. I’m so excited to support schools running Readathon, helping pupils to read anything and everything they choose whilst helping to make the stays of those in hospital that little bit brighter. tash@readforgood.org

Emily Hughes – Senior Fundraising Officer

I have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember, with stories being my constant companions and favorite characters my most trusted confidants. As someone who struggles with dyslexia, I understand how difficult it can be to pick up a book when it can sometimes feel like hard work. I will always be grateful for the teacher who first handed me The Hobbit to read over the set material, because they knew I was interested in fantasy as a genre. Getting hooked into the right book at the right time opened up worlds of opportunity and made reading feel so much more accessible! It’s inspiring working around so may other book lovers and people are passionate about encouraging children and young people to read. I have been a charity fundraiser my whole career, specialising in Trusts, Foundations and Philanthropy. I love that I get to use my passion for books and writing to tell the story of Read for Good and just how life-changing reading for pleasure can be! emily@readforgood.org

Paul Barrett – Fundraising Officer

I believe that reading for pleasure has the power to transform people’s lives. I love the open roads that fiction puts beneath our feet and the excitement of the journey never fades. I am a bibliophile at heart with a home full of books and a head full of stories, so I am thrilled to be part of the Read for Good team. Working as an English teacher for 30 years, I have often seen how important stories are to children’s creativity, development and well-being. It is always a pleasure to see young people lose themselves in a great book. My role as part of Read for Good’s fundraising and media team allows me to work alongside people who share the desire to change children’s lives for the better. It is a pleasure to come to work each day. paul@readforgood.org

Sally I’Anson – Hospitals and Stories Officer

Having been a secondary school Drama and English teacher for eighteen years, I fully understand the complexities and importance that reading for pleasure gives children and young people. Reading for pleasure opens the window on a world of imagination, creativity and helps young people find their place in our fast-paced world. Our wonderful and vibrant story tellers work in 30 major children’s hospitals throughout the UK. My role is to support the important and engaging work that Read for Good does for children and young people in hospitals. sally@readforgood.org

Hannah Bolland – Charity Administrator

Reading has always made me feel at home, wherever I am. I have also seen the powerful impact a good story can have on children, the imagination it can inspire in them, along with the pleasure they get from sharing that story with others. To have the opportunity to work with a team as lovely as the Read for Good team, as well as being able to share the absolute joy of reading with children and call it work, feels like a story I couldn’t have made up if I’d tried! My role within the brilliant Readathon team involves helping the team with delivering all things Readathon to schools across the country, encouraging children to pick up (maybe their first ever) book to read for pleasure. hannah@readforgood.org

Ella Mason – Fundraising Officer

When I was learning how to read as a child, I really struggled! It took me a while, but once I mastered the basics books became essential in my life. At first stories allowed me to escape and imagine, but now I turn to books for perspective. My favourite types of books at the moment are rooted in creativity, whether it be a graphic novel or a design reference book. My role at Read For Good resides in the fundraising team, and I like to think that I bring a creative angle to the role of Fundraising Officer. Cheerleading is a large part of fundraising which I love doing, and I value hearing how and why people support Read For Good as it allows me to cheer them on! ella@readforgood.org ella@readforgood.org

Our Volunteers

We are really fortunate to have a team of amazing volunteers who work in our office regularly every week. From managing the warehouse, processing all the lovely feedback questionnaires we get, to monitoring our media and giving us insights into what teachers want – we couldn’t do without them.

Our Trustees

Siobhain Whitty – Chair of Trustees

Siobhain has over twenty years’ International HR Operations and senior line management experience working in corporate environments in the UK and internationally; she is also a professionally qualified executive coach. Siobhain has always loved to read and feels strongly that the benefits of reading, especially for children, can be life-enhancing. She is delighted to be able to support Read for Good.

Annie Everall OBE

Director of Authors Aloud UK and Review Editor for Carousel Children’s Books, Annie was awarded the OBE in 2001 for services to children’s books and libraries in recognition of her tireless work over 30 years as a qualified children’s librarian, and for her involvement in numerous award-winning innovative services and initiatives including the Birmingham Centre for the Child, The Young Readers UK book festival, The Stories from the Web and the Derbyshire Big Book Bash for children in care and their carers. Annie is delighted to be able to put all of this to use in helping Read for Good in its mission to get all children in the UK reading for pleasure.

Rachel Bolton

Rachel has a wealth of experience across a variety of roles at different schools; starting as a secondary school modern foreign languages teacher, Rachel has now moved to a language support role in a primary school. With a passion for reading and a love of children’s literature she also ran the school library. Rachel is overjoyed to bring this experience to Read for Good.

Helen West (Safeguarding)

Helen started her career as a scientist and became a primary school teacher following the birth of her children. She moved to teaching at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, enjoying the challenges of teaching children in hospital. Having recently retired from that role, Helen was thrilled to bring her expertise to Read for Good, having seen its service benefit many children in hospital.

Paula Regan

Paula has worked in children’s book publishing for more than 20 years. A Managing Editor at DK, she produces non-fiction, illustrated books for children around the world in partnership with popular brands. Paula lives in London with her husband and two sons, and knows first-hand the challenges of getting children to read for pleasure, and also the joy and great benefits that it brings.

Amanda Shields (Treasurer)

Amanda is a chartered accountant and brings a wealth of governance, advisory and regulatory experience from over 30-year working in the financial services sector where she held senior management and executive board positions. Amanda was delighted to join Read for Good as a trustee and is keen to bring her experience to support its work sharing the pleasure of reading and storytelling with children. She is a strong advocate of the benefits of reading, not just to enhance knowledge and understanding, but also its power to encourage creative and curious minds to roam and to flourish.

Emma Bessent

Emma works in arts and humanities research funding. As an avid reader who grew up learning to manage multiple chronic health conditions, she knows the difference that a truly good read can make. Communication and connection-building are key to her professional life, and she is really excited to see how these skills can be put to good use through trusteeship of Read for Good.

To contact our trustees or if you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact reading@readforgood.org.

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