The power of reading!

Reading is life-changing: Children who read in their spare time are more likely to do well in school, have strong friendships, have better mental health, better paying jobs and happier lives!

Sharing books and stories with children has so many benefits:

  • It’s great for their education – children who read for pleasure are more likely to get 5+ GCSEs
  • It makes them happy! Research shows that reading is good for children’s emotional health (and ours!)
  • Reading helps children to be empathetic and how to be a good friend; it helps them to understand themselves and the world around them
  • Our kids’ senses are constantly ambushed by constant stimulation and instant gratification; reading allows imaginations to flourish and heart rates to lower
  • Reading is the ultimate self-help tool! If you’re a reader, you’ll always be able to seek advice, information, comfort and relaxation in a book
  • AND it’s a lovely activity to share together

This isn’t about learning to read, or reading for school homework, it’s about children choosing to read in their free time. And you can help encourage them!

Our top tips!

  • Read together, every day if you can (no matter their age or reading ability) – make it relaxing and comfy
  • Let your child choose what to read – comics, magazines, recipes – anything goes if they enjoy it!
  • Ask questions about the book – the pictures, the characters, what you think might happen next

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