Reading ideas and tools for Early Years children

Reading for fun is different to having to learn to read.

By spending time together reading with your child, they learn that reading is special.

Children who are read to, from birth right up to the teenage years, become readers – and children who read are more likely be have successful, happy lives.

Why it matters

  • Research shows that reading makes children happy!
  • Reading at an early age can lead to success later in life – academically, professionally, socially
  • Reading helps children understand how to be a good friend; it helps them to understand the world and themselves
  • Imagination flourish and the mind relaxes
  • AND it’s a lovely activity to share together!

Some top tips!

  • Read little and often – every day is ideal
  • Make the space relaxing and comfy for you both
  • Read what your child loves – ponies, dinosaur, football, magic – anything goes!
  • Let your child choose what you read together
  • Ask questions and use your voice and face to build the story
  • Find things in the pictures to talk about

Watch our short videos for ideas on reading with younger children

Tailored reading challenge and resources

Use our free resources and films to create a reading challenge for parents, grandparents, carers and children, celebrating and rewarding reading together. These resources encourage spending time together reading, having fun together with books and stories.

  • Reading Tips poster to put up in your setting
  • Reading record charts for parents, carers and children to fill in together (using stickers or pens), marking each time they’ve read a story together
  • Read for Good Reading Challenge Certificate to give out on completing their challenge

And to support you further, complete the application for a Read for Good Brilliant Box of Books. We can’t guarantee books for everyone, but where settings are in need and keen to promote reading with their children, we try our best to provide the best in brand new books.

Watch top authors read their books

Extra resources and ideas

Check out our short training programme on the Secrets of Storytelling to children. Although originally created during lockdown, to support medical practitioners when our storytellers were unable to visit hospitals, the techniques and tips are relevant for anyone working with children.