Our work in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

We’ve been providing books and stories to the John Radcliffe Hospital since 2011, when we were testing the whole idea of giving books to children in hospital to see if it would work. We shouldn’t have been in any doubt! From the very first book and storyteller visit, children at John Radcliffe Hospital have loved our service.

Children and their families soak up traditional tales and enchanting stories from our highly experienced storyteller, Adele. She has a way with children in hospital, sensitively drawing them into stories and distracting them from the situation they are in.

“I just wanted to let you know how invaluable the Read for Good books have been during this lockdown period. . . . We’ve been sending a book to each child we work with, and have had some lovely feedback from parents and staff. Parents aren’t allowed down to theatre with children at the moment, so a member of the play team has to accompany each child – one told us that yesterday she was able to read the Winnie the Witch book all the way to the theatre . . . a perfect distraction.”

Teacher, John Radcliffe Hospital