Adele Moss

Adele works at Royal Berkshire Hospital and John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Adele Moss is veteran storyteller who has worked in many different settings mainly around Oxford for over 20 years  and with Read for Good since 2011.  She comes with bells and bowls, animal puppets who cluck, crow and bleat and she is delighted to engage with anyone in a children’s ward – patients and their families, teachers, hospital staff and especially with the rabbits, ducks, bears and Minions she finds on children’s beds. 

This might involve reading one of Read for Good’s beautiful books or telling a story with the child, using finger puppets and  actions, singing silly songs or lullabies.  The most important thing she does is seeking a connection with the child and the world of the imagination.

“My son was very enthusiastic after they met, and really enjoyed the storyteller’s book and her obvious passion when reading to him.”

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