Our work in Birmingham Children’s Hospital

We’ve been providing books and stories to Birmingham Children’s Hospital since 2010, when the whole idea of giving books to children in hospital was being tested to see if it would work. We shouldn’t have been in any doubt! From the very first book and storyteller visit, children and staff at Birmingham have loved our service. Since then, we’ve delivered around 10,000 books to children at the hospital.

“I think of the bookcase as a force for good travelling around the hospital, making its own valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of the children and families being treated at BCH.”

Secondary Teacher, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Our seasoned storyteller Graham was Read for Good’s first ever storyteller, and has entertained and delighted children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for many years. Graham has also helped us grow our fantastic team of storytellers. As he begins his well earned retirement, our highly experienced storyteller Fiona is picking up the baton.

Graham , Storyteller