Our work in Leicester Children’s Hospital

Our service here was launched in 2014 by the incredibly popular author, Andy Cope. Our regular supply of books and storytelling visits mean that children in Leicester have a fabulous choice of brand new books to choose from and stories to cheer them up.

In recent years our service has been supported by schools in Leicester running a Citywide Readathon, raising money for books for children in hospital as well as books for their own schools.

“We love to be able to give out books thanks to Read for Good, it really does make some students’ day even if it makes it harder to start a lesson because they just want to get reading!”

Hospital School staff

Wilf had big shoes to fill in Leicester, as he took over from Helen (pictured bottom right). Fortunately, he has been able to bring his years of experience working in many different hospitals to the children in Leicester, telling a rich variety of tales or helping them find the book that’s just right from the bookcase.

“Our little boy Jack (aged 2 1/2 at the time) was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary just before Christmas last year. He was really quite poorly and in isolation in a side room; we had been transferred from a different hospital out of the county! One of your lovely Read for Good Storytellers came to visit the ward and met Jack and made his day and stay in hospital very special by gifting two wonderful Julia Donaldson books.

Jack has loved books since he was born and he loves to have story time, reading and looking at pictures. We spent many an hour on the ward reading the books and they are still two of his favourites today.”

Mum of Jack