My First Space Atlas

Jane Wilsher, illustrated by Paul Daviz

The pages of this large-format book on space are bold and bright and will be visually appealing to young space enthusiasts. Much of the focus of My First Space Atlas is on human achievements in space, from the first trip to the Moon and spacewalking to life inside the International Space Station and what life on Mars might feel like.

The author speaks to readers as if they are the actual astronauts, asking them what they can see and feel during their space travels, and discussing tricky issues such as how to handle the ever-growing amount of junk in space. Packed with bite-sized snippets of information, the book also looks at the planets of the Solar System, the Milky Way and the galaxies of the Universe.

Jane Wilsher’s text is clear and informative and enhanced by interactive features such as things to spot and child-friendly questions. My First Space Atlas is ideal to share with younger children, and older readers will enjoy browsing its colourful pages and reading the engaging, informative text.

Published by Welford Owen (32 pages)

Suitable for KS1/2

Reviewed by Jane Walker