Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys get their bookbuzz with Readathon!

Hi, I’m the librarian in Wilmington Grammar School for Boys and I have been running Readathon for a number of years now. Each year has got progressively better in terms of involvement and money raised through introducing an element of competition. This year has been the best yet, raising in the region of £2,700!

Readathon is carried out at the end of December and over the Christmas period when it is hoped that more friends and family are around to sponsor students. After a Readathon assembly each year 7 is given a sponsorship card and a ‘Bookbuzz’ book, financed by the PTA, to get them started.

For the first time I decided that I would join in and regularly show year 7 my ever-extending list of sponsors. I asked family and, as I am lucky enough to be a Chelsea fan, I also asked a number of fellow Chelsea supporters. In this way I have managed to raise nearly £400 myself.

A number of prizes and House Points are available and the first form group to hand in all their sponsorship forms and money, by a specified date, are declared the main winners. Every participant gets a certificate, pencil, bookmark and World Book Day book. There are also books and book tokens for spot prizes.

Literacy is very important in our school so it is great to be able to promote it and raise money for sick children at the same time. It is very important to get all the staff on board and make use the school blog, website, and social media to spread the word.

Ms T Fisk, Librarian

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys