What does being a Read for Good Trustee mean to me?

For Trustees’ Week 2023 we asked 2 of our incredible Trustees, Paula & Annie, to share what it means to them to be a Trustee.

Happy Trustee Week! I’d like to celebrate what being a trustee for Read For Good means to me.

Working in children’s book publishing, I knew about Read For Good’s brilliant work promoting reading for pleasure and all the benefits it brings, plus their wonderful hospitals programme. I was thrilled to be invited to join their board.

Joining as a first-time trustee I wondered, “Do I know enough about the charity sector to be helpful?’”; “Will I have enough time to give?”; “What can I expect?”

The past two years as a trustee has been a hugely rewarding and wide-ranging experience: from supporting on short-term solutions and long-term strategy plans to feeding into discussions about recruitment, fundraising, DE&I, safeguarding – and everything in between.

It’s a real two-way experience. I can bring my knowledge of the publishing industry, and in return I have learnt a lot to take back into my day job: in particular how a small and dedicated team can make a huge impact. Working with Read For Good and seeing the impact that reading for pleasure has on children is also a brilliant reminder to me to always keep our readers at the heart of our book creation process.

It’s fantastic to join a team of trustees from different backgrounds, each bringing different expertise, skills and perspectives to the conversations. Working with the Read For Good leadership team, there’s no ‘us and them’ but rather a shared sense of working together to ensure the charity is delivering the best possible programmes, reaching the most children it can, and always continuing to grow and evolve. And of course we all share a passion for getting kids reading for pleasure.

I’m so proud to be a small part of Read For Good’s brilliant work!

Paula Regan, Managing Editor DK & Trustee, Read for Good