What does being a Read for Good Trustee mean to me?

For Trustees’ Week 2023 we asked 2 of our incredible Trustees, Paula & Annie, to share what it means to them to be a Trustee.

Reading is my passion!
Enjoying books is what I do!
All through my career, working in libraries, the children’s book world and with books and authors,
Doing my best to get the right books to the right child at the right age and stage of their development.

For me the
Opportunity to serve as a Trustee at
Read for Good was irresistible, a perfect symmetry for my passion, my job and my interests.

Great team of people there with a passion that matches mine, an
Organisation that gets books into the hands of children and provides
Opportunities that ignite a love of reading in children and may help to change their lives!
Do celebrate Trustee week – I LOVE being a Trustee for this wonderful charity READ FOR GOOD

Annie Everall – Director, Authors Aloud UK & Trustee, Read for Good