Pupil at Titus Salt Schoo

Titus Salt School borrows a remarkable 769 books during their Readathon marathon

Our Year 7 students spent seven weeks between spring half term reading as much as they could and getting sponsorship for Readathon. Reading took place in form time and in their literacy lessons, where they also shared and reviewed their books and had a go at writing their own stories.

The students raised £611 and borrowed a whopping 769 books from the school Learning Resource Centre, an increase of 136% from the term before! The inter-form competition was won by 7BRK who raised £123 and loaned 146 books.

Jorja Burrows from 7SKA raised £40 and really enjoyed reading books from Jaqueline Wilson and the Harry Potter series. She said: “I really loved it that everyone was reading and talking about books they liked.”

Readathon has really helped stimulate our reading for pleasure programme and was the ultimate promotion in our Year 7 programme which began with a Summer Reading Challenge in 2015. Big thanks to our Patron of Reading Emma Pass, who gave struggling readers inspiration to read books.

Anwen Rooks

Leader of whole school literacy

Titus Salt School