Why £21.60 is the perfect donation to Read for Good…

At Read for Good, no donation is too small to make a difference.

Recently, one of our amazing supporters, Francesca, got in touch via email. Opening it  was one of the most joyful ways to start the day, as Francesca told us that her 7-year-old daughter, Sofia, had spent the weekend fundraising for Read for Good. 

Sofia had originally taken part in a Readathon at her school in 2022, where they took dedicated time to teach students about Read for Good and celebrate our work. After sponsoring her, Francesca set up a regular monthly donation to support our work in schools, hospitals and the community. Already a pretty magical supporter in our book, we were delighted when Francesca got in touch again later that year.

Sofia had been so keen on her Readathon at school that she took on another, individual Readathon at home, setting her own reading challenge! We sent some sticker sheets and a book to get her started, and Sofia flew! Over two weeks, Sofia read eight books and made a good start on her ninth, reading for over 270 minutes! With her love of the Rainbow Magic series and the Isadora Moon books powering her on, Sofia individually fundraised a whopping £144 in generous sponsorship from family and friends. We, of course, swiftly sent a certificate in the post for our fabulous fundraiser.

We were already delighted, but in Francesca’s recent email Sofia surprised us again.

During the Easter holidays, Sofia and her friend decided to sell some books and homemade bracelets  to raise money for Read for Good. According to Francesca, they spent the afternoon preparing everything, from making the bracelets, drawing the sign and even using maths to calculate the best offers for their customers (2 for 1 was the winner!). The sign they made, as seen in the photo, was drawn in orange because of the Read for Good stickers Sofia had at home.

After a couple of hours outside promoting their books and bracelets, and talking enthusiastically to every passer-by about the cause and our work in schools and hospitals, Sofia and her friend had raised £21.60!

Thank you Sofia for all your enthusiasm, effort and kindness. You’re a Read for Good fundraising hero!