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As well as encouraging a young person to read, you are also helping us to get books and stories to children in hospitals and schools across the UK. Thank you.

Reading for pleasure is one of the best things a child can do for lots of reasons:

  • Reading a book or listening to a story relaxes our bodies and minds: research estimates that 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress and anxiety by 68% – more than listening to music or watching TV.
  • Reading gives our senses a break from the constant assault of digital media. It’s important children have some peace and quiet to allow their imagination to take the reins for a while – and who knows where that will take them?
  • As well as improved knowledge, vocabulary and writing skills, reading different stories with different characters builds other important life skills like empathy, analytical thinking and problem solving. It aids sleep, boosts self-esteem, builds good communication skills and strengthens their predictive skills. 
  • Reading for pleasure also means children are more likely to do well in their GCSEs.