Our 2023 Storyteller Conference

Read for Good’s storyteller, Gerry, reflects on the Storyteller Conference 2023. You can read more about the conference on Read for Good’s news page.

“On a beautiful day in May 2023 I got on a train in Blantyre and went to Glasgow, From there I got a bus to the airport, and then a flight to Birmingham. I arrived in Birmingham airport around 2.15pm and having consulted Google maps, decided to walk to Cleeve along the Brockley Combe Road, as a very cultured Michael [another of Read for Good’s storytellers] had informed me that Coleridge once roamed there. It was an enjoyable walk, the road was both beautiful and a little challenging and by the time I reached Cleeve I was happy and a little worn out.

But why am I telling you about my journey? Because this was my journey to The Read for Good Storyteller Conference 2023, and it had a lot in common with our annual get together. The conference was like my journey in a lot of ways. There were lots of different parts, all of them necessary to make it complete, all valuable and important. Like the Brockley Combe Road, parts were enjoyable but some twists and turns were challenging and maybe even a little scary.

Having made it to Nailsworth and the Read For Good HQ we were met by the team. It was lovely to see everyone again. It always seems like a very long time in between conferences and I’m sure we all wish we could get together more often.

During the conference we had the opportunity to learn some Makaton, which was fun, and we learned of some of the practices that we each use in our hospital visits. We also had the chance to hear about Read For Goods five year plan, which is very exciting indeed. 

Michael led an entertaining and informative session during which we were all encouraged to write a small poem about a place we love. Here is mine.

‘I was there.

It was quiet, almost silent

but I was there.

Soft slow ebbing tide easing my soul.’

Once again the Read For Good conference delivered exactly what was needed. We learned a lot. I learned that its a long way to Cleeve from Birmingham airport! We learned, we shared, we laughed and we cried. Now I’m looking forward to Conference 2024.”

Gerry, Storyteller