Our work in the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

We’ve been providing books and stories to the Royal Cornwall Hospital since 2014. They are a highly supportive team, who really appreciate our books.

Often children and their families find themselves a long way from home, and our books can provide much-needed relief, and be a reminder of what’s normal, in these moments of stress.

The school team are a close knit and welcoming bunch, who make sure that the children in their care can access the Read for Good books as much as possible. Oh, and they enjoy dressing up, which means our Storyteller, Mike, fits right in! Mike is a seasoned and wise storyteller who tells traditional tales, but at the same time, he’s very much on the same wavelength as any kid, and knows exactly how to make them laugh out loud!

“We are hospital regulars and it makes the world of difference! Keep up the good work!”

Parent of 5-month-old patient, Royal Cornwall Hospital