Our work in the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton

Our regular book deliveries and storyteller visits started at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in late 2014.

Sited overlooking the sea, the Royal Alexandra commands an impressive position and young patients can enjoy the vista from the Play Room. As they look out over the waves, our stories can transport them across the ocean to other worlds and providing much-needed relief from their worries and anxieties.

The Royal Alexandra enjoys regular visits from our storyteller, Jen, who also covers two of our hospitals in London. Whilst she enjoys her time by the sea, she derives even more enjoyment from bringing light and magic to children and their families through her stories.

“Thank you for setting up this fantastic charity. My daughter was unfortunately taken into hospital suffering from a virus that triggered asthma symptoms. The hospital had been wonderful, but her patience was running thin on Tuesday morning when a lovely lady called Jen appeared and offered her a free book and invited my daughter to tell a story. Jen set her at ease and my daughter came up with a fantastic story about a trapped sun. The whole interaction started the process of her releasing her emotions from the whole ordeal.

She is much better now and well on her way to recovery. She also has a wonderful memory of being in hospital. So thank you for being there for her and me.”

Mum of a patient, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital