Greg James and Chris Smith are big Readathon fans!

Readathon is a superpower! It gets classes reading, schools reading, in fact, even whole cities reading, as Greg James and Chris Smith discovered when they thanked Leicester city schools for getting involved in Readathon.

Readathon’s a brilliant but simple way for kids to discover their own love of reading. And if you love to read as a child, you are more likely to be successful throughout your life. So it really matters.

And it works…

  • National Literacy Trust research found that kids who take part in Readathon:
    • Read more often and more widely
    • Are more likely to visit the school library
    • And they’re happier!

Readathon’s sponsored read is really easy for schools to run, kids love reading to help get books to children in hospital, and the school gets free books to boost their library – it really is a win-win!