Paper-free Readathon!

As much as we love our orange kits, we know that some of you would prefer not to have all the paper.

We’ve got all the tools you need here, and you’ll be doing your bit for the planet and penguins too!

Just follow the processes below.

Set up your Readathon reading challenge

Create or login to your Readathon account so that you can set up your Readathon. You can order a physical kit to be sent to school, or if you don’t want the resources just enter 0 for numbers of pupils taking part. This means your Readathon will be set up and sponsors can donate online. Agree a start and finish date for your Readathon – 2 to 4 weeks generally works well. Let staff, pupils and parents know about it.

Use our new digital reading tracker to encourage pupils and gain insights

Use our new digital tool that encourages children to read more, and more often, and provides insights as to how pupils read, what they read, for how long and whether they enjoyed it or not. We believe this could transform how you monitor and assess your pupil’s reading behaviours.

Set up your Readathon first, then use our fabulous online tools, including Track My Read to help you run Readathon remotely.

Track My Read and Readathon are not currently integrated, but they complement each other really well.

Share our downloadable sponsor form with pupils

It doesn’t matter how much a pupil raises, but raising money to help children in hospital provides the all-important extrinsic motivation to get reading. Use our downloadable version.  Parents can donate online via our website or using this link. You’ll be able to see how much is being raised by logging on to your Readathon account.

Share our films with pupils and parents

Help pupils understand why reading matters – for them and for others. Share our primary or secondary films with pupils and parents.

Share our pick of the best resources out there

There are loads of free, and really good quality resources out there – from stories being read by Hollywood A listers, to learning how to draw with Rob Biddulph. We’ve curated our pick of the crop for you to share with pupils – click here.

Free books for your school

You’ll get free books for your school worth 20% of whatever pupils raise – and we know books are needed more than ever at the moment. We’ll send you a voucher to spend at Scholastic Book Clubs – you can use Track My Read to inform your choices!

You’ll also get £10 worth of National Book Tokens to reward star pupils.

Other useful links

You’ll find all sort of resources, downloads and film that you can use here and share our kids page with your pupils – younger children will have loads of fun with our famous Storymaker.