READ Gloucestershire events

Throughout 2021, Read for Good will be hosting a series of fabulous author and illustrator events, to inspire and enthuse your pupils about reading.

There will be something for all ages and tastes, and pupils will have the chance to send in questions to be answered directly by the author themselves. Most events will take place on the last Friday of each month (except March), and will be accessed by clicking a simple link. You can access the event at a time to suit your school.

Friday 30 April
Konnie Huq: presenter/author
Perfect for 7-11 year olds
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Friday 28 May
M. G. Leonard: author
Perfect for 9-13 year olds
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Thursday 1 July
Andy Seed
Perfect for 6 to 9 years olds
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29 January
Sam Copeland: author
Perfect for Years 4, 5 and 6
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Friday 26 February
Adam Baron: author
Perfect for Years 6-9
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Thursday 4 March
(World Book Day)
Sarah McIntrye: writer and illustrator, Perfect for Years 3-6
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Watch anytime!

As well as our wonderful events, we’ve got some exclusive films of authors reading their favourite books and illustrators giving drawing masterclasses. Put your feet up and enjoy:

Enjoy THE Julia Donaldson reading The Hospital Dog in full, along with a master class in how to draw the perfect pooch from illustrator Sarah Ogilvie.
Visit our Catherine Rayner page to find videos and links to her books
Tweedy reads Nell Gifford’s book all about the circus – and gives a little performance of his own too. Enjoy!
Sarah McIntyre has a fabulous You Tube channel packed full of entertaining goodies like this one – check it out!
Be delighted by Tracey’s reading of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, aided by some cuddly characters!
Gloucestershire teacher and debut author Gabriel Dylan talks about his book and why horror might appeal to would-be readers!
Learn how to draw The Hospital Dog from illustrator Sarah Ogilvie, after listening to Julia Donaldson read the story in full.

World Book Day has a great range of author and illustrator masterclasses – check them out here.
Join Everyman Theatre’s Camille for these Summer Reading Challenge inspired workshops

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