Ranelagh School

Readathon is all about reading for the love of reading, allowing the pupils a freedom of choice which they don’t necessarily get through the curriculum.”

Ranelagh School is a secondary school near Bracknell. With 24 Readathons under its belt since 1996, the Berkshire school has raised more than £35,000. Assistant Curriculum Leader for English, Mrs Saunders has organised Readathon for the past five years at Ranelagh. She said: 

“Readathon works brilliantly with our Year 7 pupils when they first transition into secondary school. We have new pupils from around 20 different primary schools so it’s unlikely that lots of the children will know each other and Readathon really helps to build a sense of community as everyone can get involved. A week of timetabled English lessons are taken over for the event and it has become a real tradition and such an important part of our school calendar – there’s always such an incredible buzz and excitement.

“Our students are able to bring in a book of their own choice as well as cushions, blankets and pillows to create their own perfect reading area within the classroom. Each year, once Readathon has finished, our pupils write short reviews on what they’ve read using colourful leaves which we make into the most fantastic display to showcase our pupils’ efforts.

“As a Church of England school, charitable work and supporting others is an integral part of our school values. This is another really important reason we continue to support Read for Good, as the money raised makes a real difference.”

March 2021