Readathon during Ramadan

A study by the University of Oxford found that reading for pleasure was the only extracurricular activity that was predictive of a professional or managerial level job in later life. And evaluation of Readathon by the National Literacy Trust showed that children who participate in Readathon read more frequently, and enjoy reading more.

So why not encourage your child to participate in a Readathon during Ramadan! When your child is sponsored by family and friends to read as much as they can, the money raised goes towards bringing the magic of stories and books to seriously ill children in hospitals across the UK.

You can run your own Readathon by setting up a sponsorship page for just one child or several children in your life.

You’ll find some downloads and films that could help you here.

To start fundraising, see examples of other fundraisers, or log back into a fundraising page you’ve set up, please click on the link below.

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