Steve Lally

Steve has a very unique role within the team, as he is our storyteller in Northern Ireland, working at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Steve is an international storyteller and bestselling author. He takes his stories far and wide and is passionate about breathing life into this vital and significant art form. His repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and beyond to stories of adventure and magic.

His faith and love of storytelling expresses itself through humorous anecdotes, quirky comic tales and thrilling folk tales. He has written three books on Irish folklore and co-written (with his wife Paula) a unique anthology from the 32 counties of Ireland entitled Irish Gothic Fairy Stories

“Steve has an excellent way with all ages and he has eased many a tricky situation with a fun story. He is always so very pleasant to the staff and even attends school events like prize givings. Please let us keep him!”

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