Jennifer Lunn

Jen is a Read for Good storyteller at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton and two of our hospitals in London: the Royal Free Hospital and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

As founder and artistic director of the Culturcated Theatre Company, Jen produces and curates a wide range of creative projects. Story forms the foundation of all her practice; she works extensively with people of all ages to inspire a passion for stories and develop storytelling skills.

For several years, Jen has worked in close partnership with Evelina London Children’s Hospital on a story gathering project. She collected over 100 stories told by children in the hospital, which have been performed by professional actors, recorded as podcasts and made into physical and digital books. This is just part of the reason why she calls herself a ‘story collector’!

“The storyteller really cheered my little girl up – she hasn’t responded well to the doctors so was a bit reluctant at first. Jen gained her trust and she was soon laughing, having fun, forgetting about her stay in hospital.”

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