Amanda Smith

Amanda is a professional storyteller based in Nottingham. However, her storytelling work with us takes her across the country to an incredible six hospitals: Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Leeds Children’s Hospital, Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital in Norwich, Hull Royal Infirmary, and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Talk about a busy schedule!

The passion that Amanda feels for her work is obvious in every session. She says:

“I love the way storytelling easily engages the listener’s heart, mind and imagination through a storyteller-audience process that is inclusive, accessible and empowering.”

She delivers full length storytelling performances for adults at storytelling clubs, book festivals and community celebration events. She also provides fun workshops and World Book Day story sessions with children in schools and at school camp outdoor events.

“One pupil has since asked if they could join in more sessions, and when the next storytelling sessions will be. They clearly really enjoyed the session with Amanda. The session also encouraged them to start reading again.”

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