Maggie O’Farrell

Maggie O’Farrell knows more than most what it’s like to be a child in hospital, and the potential that a book provides in that challenging situation. For that reason, Maggie and her publisher, Walker Books, donated 150 copies of her first children’s book Where Snow Angels Go to support Read for Good’s hospital programme.

“Books are important for all children, at all stages of their lives, but perhaps never more so than when they are in hospital. I spent long stretches of time in hospital when I was young so I know first-hand that stories offer you the chance to travel anywhere and be anyone, even if you happen to be confined to a bed. Illness can be frightening and isolating but you’re never alone if you are reading. Read For Good puts books into the hands of hospitalised children: short of being a doctor or a nurse, there’s no better way to help an unwell child.”  

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