The impact of our work

At Read for Good we work hard to change children’s lives for the better. And it’s important that we continually check to see if our work has impact. Please read our most recent impact report, and judge for yourself.

This brings together the enormous changes seen over the last few years: how Covid has changed the landscapes in which we work, particularly schools and hospitals; how Read for Good responded at the height of the pandemic to better meet the changing needs of schools and hospitals, themselves under so much pressure; and how this has informed our work for the future.

We’ve drawn on some of the successes that came out of lockdown – the appetite for virtual events, which hugely increases our reach; the development of Track My Read, encouraging regular reading at home and giving teachers real-time insights; getting playful with Zoom to create wonderfully interactive and surprising vitual storytelling sessions.

Find out more by browsing Read for Good’s Impact Report here, or if you would like a hard copy, please email

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