Free Online Reading Tracker launches

Driven in response to the pandemic, in a bid to help schools and pupils in lockdown, Read for Good expedited its plans to create a reading tracker, designed to encourage reading for pleasure outside of school, and provide useful reading behaviour insights for schools. It has been incredibly well received as a useful tool in lockdown, but with a use far beyond closed schools – hundreds of schools and pupils have built it into their daily routines.

Track My Read™ is a new, free-to-use tool, designed to help you engage pupils in reading for pleasure. It’s really easy to set up, and enables pupils to tell you what they’re choosing to read, and for how long.

It unites a community in reading to achieve a collective target. Pupils are motivated as they get instant feedback on their reading achievements, while at the same time contributing to the school’s overall target. In addition, you will gain invaluable insights into how pupils choose to read, what they read and for how long. You can analyse their reading behaviour by year group or class, and gain evidence for pupil reports and parents’ evenings.Set up Track My Read for your school or team

Read for Good will be able to analyse the anonymised results, helping us to understand what and how children are choosing to read in their spare time. In turn, we can share this information with school libraries and use it to inform the book selection for our hospital programme.

Originally designed for schools, any group, team, book club or family can use it – think of it as Strava for reading! Just enter your group’s name where it asks for School Name and you’ll have the chance to enter it manually.

This tool is particularly useful during school holidays, during lockdowns or self isolation or in conjunction with running a Readathon sponsored read.

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