Meet our book review team!

Tash Hyde

Once a librarian, always a librarian! Tash was a children’s librarian before joining Read for Good, her role was to share the joy and power of books and reading with families across Derbyshire. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda she wanted to share her love of children’s books with as many people as possible!

Why reading matters: It is a privilege to be able to read and share the very best of children’s books with young people and their supporting adults. To give them the power to choose what to read with no judgement, opens up the World to them!

Annie Everall OBE
Annie Everall OBE

Being an avid reader myself, I have been reviewing children’s books for 40 years for publishers and children’s book journals including The Bookseller. I currently write for a regular book review column for Book Talking and the Teaching Times. I run an agency Author’s Aloud arranging children’s authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers for schools and libraries in the UK and overseas. And I spent over 30 years working as a children’s librarian and liaising with booksellers. It’s fair to say I love children’s books!

Why reading matters: Children need to experience choosing for themselves what they read. As adults, we can support their choices and help them discover authors and genres that they haven’t come across before, and share our own passion for reading.

Fiona McMorrow

I have four grown up children and live with my partner, an independent bookseller, and our two youngest sons, on a hill near Stroud. We share our lives with a dog called Errol. I’ve worked as a teacher in primary schools across the UK and in a Sure Start Children’s Centre. As an education adviser for the local authority I specialised in language and developed storytelling in schools across the county. I have an MA in Children’s Literature. I recently joined Read for Good’s storytelling team, working alongside children, helping them tell their own stories, with books, rhymes, songs and traditional tales.

Rachel Bolton - Read for Good Trustee
Rachel Bolton

Rachel has had a long career in the classroom at both Secondary and Primary level. She held responsibility for the primary school library which led her to completing a Masters in Children and Young Adult Literature in 2023. As well as reviewing for Read for Good she writes reviews for The Reading Zone and is a member of the book selection panel for Cheltenham Festival’s Reading Teachers=Reading Pupils group for 2024.

Why it matters: As a trustee for Read for Good, Rachel firmly believes that all children should be able to choose what they read and that to do so they should have a wide access to all genres of books.

Jane has worked in children’s publishing for over 30 years, specialising in non-fiction books. She was Publishing Director at Kingfisher, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Books. Working with a host of very talented authors and illustrators, she has helped create every kind of book, from first board books for tiny hands to large knowledge encyclopaedias for curious young minds. She has been a volunteer at Read for Good for almost 15 years, and is also involved with the Bath Children’s Literature Festival.

Why it matters: It’s wonderful to watch children freely choose a book to read. However odd their choice, as adults we need to support and encourage them. Information books offer an appealing alternative to reading fiction, especially for more reluctant readers.