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M. G. Leonard is an award-winning, bestselling writer of children’s books for all ages. Having burst onto the literary scene with her debut title, Beetle Boy, her books have since been translated into over forty languages, and The Highland Falcon Thief, written with Sam Sedgman, won the 2021 British Book Award for Children’s Fiction.

Her exclusive CPD event for Readathon schools is full of insights and inspiration to help hook children into reading for pleasure.

M.G.Leonard introduces her resources to help you get your pupils reading for pleasure!

Supporting Resources

M.G. Leonard helps pupils to enter her world in this series of short films. Watch as she explains where the inspiration for Twitch and the Adventures on Trains series came from, how she transforms her initial ideas into stories, and reads some of the chapters from her award-winning titles.

CPD Session

With a focus on her best-selling titles, the brilliant M.G. Leonard will be hosting a CPD event for teachers and librarians – full of insights and inspiration to help hook children into reading for pleasure.

You can visit M. G. Leonard’s website here, where you’ll find loads of great videos, and you can buy Twitch online on Amazon, or from your local bookshop (don’t forget to choose your bookshop). Many of her titles are also available from public libraries.