University of Gloucestershire Business and Marketing Management undergraduate Lucy Williams explains why she chose to spend her year in industry at Read for Good.

As part of my Business and Marketing Management degree at University of Gloucestershire, I’m currently completing a placement at Read for Good as part of my year in industry to broaden my experience beyond textbooks and theory.

Having been an avid reader from a young age, I’ve always been wholly convinced that each page is filled with a small piece of magic – an ability to whisk you away to a world far removed from reality. Despite the hours spent studying in libraries as part of my degree, when I can escape to pick up a choice of my own this little bit of magic still has me captivated. When the opportunity arose, to be part of a charity who celebrates this magic and all the other amazing benefits stories can have, I simply couldn’t refuse.

Spreading Read for Good’s message about the importance of reading for pleasure is at the heart of my role as well as celebrating the amazing work done by those part of our reading community. From superstar schools committed to running Readathon year after year to the spellbinding stories children receive as part of the hospital programme there’s always something to celebrate and another story to tell at Read for Good. 

Another part of my role is to help support the citywide Readathons which are taking place this year – including Manchester and Leicester. Having not had the opportunity to take part in a Readathon myself when at school – admittedly much to my great disappointment – it’s a real pleasure to be part of motivating whole communities to get reading and then reveling in their successes!

When I leave behind a place brimming with a wondrous passion and enthusiasm for reading to bury my head in books to finish the final year of my degree, I’m certain there will be plenty of valuable lessons to take away. One thing I’m sure to never forget is the true transformative powers of books and stories which I’m sure will stand the test of time.

Lucy Williams,

PR and Communications Assistant