2022 Liverpool Readathon – Two million minute challenge!

This year we’re setting a collective reading target of Two Million Minutes to encourage children across the city to read for fun.

Using our new web-app Track My Read (think Strava for reading!), schools set their own reading challenge which will count towards the city’s 2 Million Minute challenge. Once set up, your pupils log their reading each day, you’ll see the total school’s target being smashed and you’ll get reading behaviour insights for all participating pupils.

The school that can log the most minutes per pupil will win £250 of National Book Tokens for their school library.*  Every participating school will receive a £10 book token for their star reader. 

Quick instructions

  • Go to www.track-my-read.org or click the button above
  • Sign in with Google
  • Click “Create the Track My Read” and work through the short form
  • Set a close date of 31 March (you can change this if you want to continue your school’s Track My Read beyond the Liverpool Readathon)
  • Choose “Add Group Challenge” and copy and paste in the Liverpool Readathon Two Million Minute Challenge code: 8DX%2V.9G-QC+d8X

If you don’t want to add pupils individually to Track My Read, then just add yourself as a participant, and then you can add minutes you read collectively as a school by going to the “Add bulk minutes tab”. This means if you read as a class of 30 pupils for 30 minutes, you can add 900 minutes in one go.

Scroll down for some simple walkthrough videos, and for more info on Track My Read including our FAQs click here.

Note – Your School Name and topline results will be visible to other schools taking part in the challenge!

Help us smash our two million minute target!

Download and print a giant reading tracker for your classroom – ideal to use alongside your Track My Read and great fun for pupils!
Download and print a Class Reading Tracker to capture your reading in class. Use Track My Read to add minutes in bulk if you don’t want pupils to take part individually.
Download and print a Pupil reading record. If you’re not using Track My Read, use these and tell us how many minutes you’ve clocked up!

Short walkthroughs to help set up and run your Track My Read

Setting up your Track My Read and joining the Liverpool Group Challenge
Getting pupils involved, what pupils see and overview of data
Setting up and joining Group Challenges
Adding minutes in bulk, and how this affects a Group Challenge
Michael Rosen has a message for you to support the 2 Million Minute challenge!

*The winner is calculated by dividing pupils on roll by minutes read based on data provided through Track My Read.