Leighterton Primary School get ready to dive in to books !

Once I had got round to looking through the Readathon resources I found it really easy to get ready for our Readathon.

It was great to have everything you need to get going – I found having a letter to send out to parents that could be edited to suit was a great timesaver!

After discussing the Readathon with the School Council, and agreeing it was a fantastic idea and that we would love to help, we introduced it during a whole school assembly.

The resources, posters and DVD made it easy and clear to introduce.  Letters, sponsorship cards and bookmarks went home with the children that day and there was definitely a buzz about getting started and what they were going to read.

I think the children really loved the idea that they could choose what they wanted to read; that it wasn’t being prescribed to them as so many other things they do in school are!

The children have 3 weeks to do their Readathon, including the half term break, which means they will finish the day after World Book Day. Perfect.  

I love that there is the flexibility with Readathon to do it when and how you want. It allows teachers to fit it into to their busy schedule at a time that will both suit their work load and complement class topics or school events.

This is the first time I have run a Readathon and it was easy to get it off the ground, albeit in a fairly simple manner. However, there is so much more you can do with it to promote the event and encourage it more around school – clubs, competitions, sharing of favourite books, fundraising targets etc – if time and workload permits it!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the children have been getting on with their Readathon over the half term break – I’m really hoping we can beat the total they raised last time the school took part a few years ago!


Lucy Robinson, Class 3 Teacher  (Y3/4), www.leighterton.com/

Leighterton Primary School)