Leicester City Readathon

We’re joining  forces with the Leicester-wide reading initiative Whatever it Takes to unleash the power of our Readathon on schools across the city for one glorious fortnight.

The Leicester Readathon runs from 1- 12 October 2018, spanning both Leicester’s Everybody’s Reading festival and Libraries Week. We’re building a buzz about books and the power of stories by asking pupils to read what they love, with events from special guest authors to cheer us on and citywide DEAR* moments (*drop everything and read).

You can support the Leicester City Readathon by either sponsoring a pupil at a school you know or entering ‘Leicester City Readathon’ as the school name when prompted here.  Money raised on the Leicester City Readathon will go to school libraries (20% of the grand total raised) and fund our important work bringing stories to  Leicester Children’s Hospital, as well as the wider work of WiT.

For more information email leicester@readforgood.org or ring Annie on 01453 839005. View our Leicester City Readathon press release here.