Our work in Leeds Children’s Hospital

We’ve been bringing brand new books and regular storytelling visits to children at Leeds Children’s Hospital since 2014. The team at Read for Good takes great care to select the best books for our hospital service, making sure we have a range of best-sellers, award-winners and brand new titles, so that there’s something for everyone.

“I loved Planet Omar. I liked it because it was like me. The main character is a Muslim like me. He got bullied for his religion but even though he was bothered he didn’t fight back. I liked it so much that I finished it in one day.”

7-year-old patient, Leeds Children’s Hospital

The endlessly cheery Amanda delights children at Leeds with her engaging stories. Amanda is always sensitive to the needs of every patient, and will tailor her stories to the child’s physical and emotional situation.

“Sometimes children are unable to play or even move, but stories give them a chance to still interact, imagine and escape the hospital.”

Play Leader, Leeds Children’s Hospital

We’re proud to dedicate our service here to the memory of young Adam Bojelian, whose life was so enriched by books and stories.