Thank you Lantana Publishing

Read for Good has been working with the wonderful people at Lantana Publishing since November 2019, with a shared value that all children should be able to see themselves in books.

In their own words, Lantana are “an award-winning social enterprise with a mission to see all children reflected in the books they read. Our books represent children everywhere. Our vision is to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place for the next generation of young readers. We work with authors and illustrators of diverse heritage to publish award-winning children’s books where characters of all ethnicities are the stars”

We are proud to be Lantana Publishing’s charity partner, and we really value their work amplifying the voices of underrepresented writers and illustrators.

Over the past four years, Lantana Publishing has generously donated over 2,700 books to Read for Good. These books are worth over £19,000! More than the equivalent value, or the number of books donated, these books are finding their way to the children who need them most. Children who are isolated in hospital, children who may not have seen themselves in literature before.

“From social mobility to attainment to emotional wellbeing: learning to love to read as a child is one of the best things that can happen to you. All the evidence suggests that children read more when they read what they love, so Lantana’s work ensuring that all children can find the kind of stories that speak to them – that might in turn fire-up this lifelong love – is especially brilliant. We are proud to be Lantana Publishing’s charity partner.” – Justine Daniels, Read for Good CEO

If you would like to donate new books to help Read for Good brighten children’s days, and futures, we’d love for you to get in touch, just email Cherry or Jonathan at If you’d like to explore a corporate partnership with Read for Good, please email Ollie at