War and Peace

The gauntlet is thrown down at King Henry VIII School. War and Peace – who will finish first: school librarian or 2 year 7 boys…?


Our Readathon starts tomorrow and today I’m meeting the last Year 7 class in the Library to hand out their sponsorship cards, show them the Readathon promotional film and give them an opportunity to return and borrow books.

My life as Readathon organiser is made a lot easier by the School’s leadership and the English Department enabling me to do this as part of the Library’s new Year 7 Reading Scheme, which is part of the Year 7 English curriculum.  Pupils will continue to have weekly reading lessons throughout Readathon.

Last year, we raised more than £1,700 and received back about £350 in Scholastic vouchers.  I have to keep reminding myself that less can be more and that the success of this year’s Readathon does not necessarily mean that we have to raise more money than last year.

I’m supporting pupils by offering a daily Readathon Reading Group in the Library at lunchtimes.  I’ve also promoted it to parents and colleagues through a number of channels, including our weekly newsletter to parents, Twitter and displays around school.

I’m relieved to have completed the preparation phase so that I can focus on my _War_and_Peace__by_3523310bown Readathon reading ….. Tolstoy’s “War & Peace”!  Two Year 7 boys have, rather ambitiously, decided to attempt it as well, so I’m expecting to be badly shown up at some point during the next month.



Helen Cooper, Librarian, King Henry VIII School