Our work in Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, Norwich

We’ve been bringing brand new books and regular storytelling visits to children at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital in Norwich since 2015.

Our service is wonderfully supported by the Arts Team at Norwich, who greatly appreciate the power of a story or a book for a child in hospital. They work hard to promote our bookcase throughout the year, ensuring young patients can find the right book just for them.

Our storyteller, Amanda, loves spending time at Norwich, bringing stories and laughter to the wards, delighting both patients and their families with her engaging storytelling.

“COVID has brought about profoundly anxious times for our younger patients along with their families and carers. Parts of our Children’s Department have also moved from their usual child friendly environments. Read for Good’s books offer escapism, a personal belonging in a very impersonal space, imagination and wonder, and a positive experience to share. To have access to such a brilliant resource during such difficult times is essential. Children keep their books and they take them home, a sense of ownership with no risks. Lovely, it is hard to put into words how valuable this is at this time.”

Emma Jarvis, Arts Coordinator, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital