Steve at Limavady Grammar School

Readathon’s super Storyteller Steve inspires Limavady Grammar School with tales of his regular visits to Belfast’s children’s hospital

I made the epic journey to Limavady (Leim an Mhadaidh, which is Irish for ‘Leap of the Dog’), Co. Derry, armed with my Didgeridoo, a plethora of musical instruments, an orange polo-shirt and a sack full of stories.

When I arrived at Limavady Grammar School, I was given a very warm welcome by Claire Gordon, Head of English and I was taken to the Library where I was introduced to pupils from the Grammar School. A group of young people had also come from the near by Drumachose Primary School.

Introductions were made and then it was down to business. All the young people took part and interacted with the stories. Together we sailed the seven seas with Odysseus, danced with the Fairy Folk and wrestled the Giants of Ancient Ireland.

The Craic was mighty as they say, with music, drama, dance, song and of course tall tales. It was great to see the young people from the two schools forget all their youthful hang-ups and really enjoy themselves.

Steve at Limavady Grammar School
Steve at Limavady Grammar School

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When it was all over I was given a warm round of applause and Claire Gordon filled me in on their great work raising money for Readathon. I was able to tell them how their sponsored reading efforts help me to tell stories to children at Belfast Royal Infirmary for Sick Children, and how much the young patients and their families appreciate Readathon’s books and stories as a welcome interruption to the long and stressful days in hospital.

Limavady Grammar School are doing a brilliant job and have helped to inspire me too. It was a brilliant experience and I do hope to see them all again down the line.

Steve Lally