The thing about Read for Good is that anything goes – whatever works for your school, your pupils, your curriculum and your imagination. Here are just a selection of some inspiring ideas from other schools who have run Readathon sponsored read.

We’re always excited by new ideas, so we’d love to hear how you ran your sponsored read and see your photos- please drop us a line at or share your photos on Twitter or Facebook.

Top Trumps

1-day sponsored read

Tents, books and snacks!

Song lyrics inspiration

Doors as book covers

Readathon Challenge

Classrooms transformed

Reading Prompt Posters

Page Turner Prize

On the spot reads

Readathon Book Group

World Book Day

Older students run it

Pupil led book swap

Pupils choose free books

Fun door signs for staff!

A reading sleepover!

Read it before you see it!

Selfies & phone-power!

Have a pupil in hospital?