Readathon is for everyone

Readathon urges pupils to read anything and everything, from books to blogs, comics to classics. There are no rules, no ‘expected reading age’ books, no numbering systems and no limits! It really is inclusive!

For children to love reading, they must read what they enjoy – be it a recipe book, song lyrics or even the metaphorical back of a cereal packet! This means that Readathon is accessible by keen readers, struggling and reluctant readers alike.

“Readathon caters for all reading abilities and your reading ability does not impact on your ability to raise money. Over the period of time, the children engage with the power of reading and its enjoyment, together, so that there is also much discussion, enthusiasm and a real buzz.

There are many charities and ways to raise money, but Readathon has a community feel, where there are no restrictions to being involved and every contribution makes a difference.”

Teacher who has run Readathon three times in her school

Pupils are sponsored to read per minute, per page, per chapter, per book – whatever motivates them. And there is no assessment at the end because reading for pleasure should be just that – fun!