Miss Kauser from Hyndburn Park Primary School hollers ‘Happy reading + happy children = happy teachers!’ when delighting in running the school’s second Readathon.

At Hyndburn Park Primary School in Accrington our Readathon week began on Monday 8th November and ended on Friday 12th November. We raised over £840 and this is how… 

Read for Good was picked as the chosen charity for our Autumn Term as we wanted to raise funds and awareness – not only for an incredible charity that aims to make a difference to  the lives of poorly children in hospitals all over the UK  – but also  to tackle one of our whole-school targets, which is for children to actively READ more and take enjoyment in it. 

After a little research, our Year 6 School Council and myself, who happens to be School Council Lead, concluded that Read for Good was a fabulous charity that championed not only a great cause, but could ultimately help us too. 

Children at Hyndburn Park actively took part in many reading opportunities, at school and at home and learnt different types of ‘reading’ that they could partake in – even if this meant the back of a cereal box. 

We explored and looked at different types of narratives they could read, from fiction to non-fiction and newspaper articles to comic strips. The children also developed their awareness about the different devices they could read on like iPads and phones, so not just traditional books and they also visited the local library in Accrington to attend book clubs. 

Before we knew it, and little were they aware, not only were they reading so much more, but our children were making a difference to someone’s life too – with their sponsors. 

We thought we’d carry on with our Readathon goodness by developing a display in School that showcases how many books each of our 17 classes in school have read each week. 

Our Year 6 School Council monitors this display board and goes around each class on a Friday to find the totals. The child who has then read the most each week gets a prize! 

Happy reading + happy children = happy teachers!

Written by Miss Umarah Kauser
Year 5 Teacher & School Council Lead

Hyndburn Park Primary School , Accrington