How Readathon works

Your free Readathon kit makes it so easy:

  • Set a start and end date (2-4 weeks is ideal).
  • Play the DVD to pupils and staff, put up the posters.
  • Hand out the sponsor cards and bookmarks and you’re done!

Pupils will read like mad!

  • Pupils choose what they want to read from comics to classics – anything goes.
  • They ask friends and family to sponsor them per book or per minute of reading.
  • Sponsors can pay online, so you won’t need to collect any money in.

Everyone’s happy!

  • Choose which books you’ll buy with your 20% free books voucher.
  • Books will be winging their way to your nearest major children’s hospital.
  • Pre-order your kit for next year – that’s it!

Order your kit now!

If you do have any questions at all, please just give us a call on 01453 839005 – we’d love to hear from you.