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Why we love to read – Three Year nine students from Holly Lodge Girls College tell us why they read along with over 20 000 children in the Liverpool Readathon last week!

To read or not to read?

Asked what we like to do in our spare time and it will range from being on our phones to swimming. But what most people don’t realise is that reading actually widens our way of thinking. For someone who likes books it is a way of escaping the harsh reality and entering a mythical world of adventure and excitement. You might find this hard to believe but reading actually makes us a lot smarter. I know, right? It introduces us to a new place; a place where you can do anything, absolutely anything can happen.

Statistically speaking, students who read tend to excel more in their subjects. Even a chapter a day can make you a happier person. Addicted to your phone? Try reading on your phone. It seems impossible, I know, but it can be done.

Sadly, there are still people who find reading boring, well to those people we say you are wrong. It may seem tiring and a bore at first, however, after a few books you will grow to love the familiar rustle of the pages and the excitement in your heart.

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It’s about escape: losing yourself in an amazing book where you get to visit places you’d never dreamed of, meet characters you never could have imagined and even better: seeing a part of yourself in them. It’s like learning how to dance; you have to practise until you get used to the movements of your hands and feet. All you need is a little bit of patience.

In our opinion, we think that the Readathon is an excellent way of encouraging young people to read while raising money for charity. It’s been fantastic to see how many more students have been visiting the library and reading around school due to the Readathon. Knowing that so many students across Liverpool have shared their passion for reading at the same time is something really special, as well as knowing that we’ve all contributed to helping other young people at Alder Hey to share our passion by raising money.

So, to read or not to read? I think you know where we stand.

Honey Muhammed, Kathryn Woodyatt and Manar Al-Warith.

Year 9 Students

Holly Lodge Girls’ College.








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