Working together

During this enormously challenging time, Read for Good is doing all it can to continue our work and service as normal. Our priority is the safety and the mental and physical well-being of our team – those in the office, our volunteers, our trustees, each of our dedicated storytellers around the UK and our extended team of freelancers, suppliers and partners who help us achieve all we do.

In addition, we are striving to provide support to the thousands of schools, teachers and librarians, the parents and carers who suddenly find themselves as educators, and the millions of children who will need reading for fun in their lives more than ever.

As well as the physical impact Coronavirus is having, as a society we are yet to take stock of the enormous emotional impact this will be having on us and our young people. At Read for Good – as parents, as colleagues, as fans and users of the NHS – we ourselves are feeling it. We are concerned for the mental health of all our young people, and particularly of those in hospital, those still going to schools, those whose parents are key workers.

Reading for pleasure is more important now, than ever

Reading for fun for just 6 minutes a day has been found to reduce stress by over two thirds. And stories help us understand and process the world around us. We urge you to ensure your children read – now more than ever.

In terms of our response to the Covid-19 epidemic, this is what we are doing:

  • Our office is open and our Readathon kits are being distributed as normal – please contact us at any time.
  • We continue to send brand new books to children’s hospitals across the UK – children in hospital need the solace, distraction and entertainment a book gives now more than ever, and the NHS needs our support.
  • Our storytellers are not able to work in hospitals at the moment – but they will be back as soon as possible and will be vital to aid the hospital community get back to some sense of normality.
  • We have compiled a series of ideas to help inspire children and parents at home to read for fun.

And this is how you can help us:

  • Send any sponsor money in as soon as possible – preferably by BACS – we are facing a very tough year ahead and need your support more than ever.
  • Schools running Readathon can do so in school or remotely – we ask that parents and other sponsors pay online where possible- your support is needed now more than ever.
  • Order your Readathon kit for next year – it will really help us to know that schools are signed up in advance.
  • Follow and share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – it makes a huge difference to us.
  • If you can, please make a donation to our work. Read for Good is looking ahead to the coming years to find ways to meet the needs of a nation – and its children – coming to terms with the biggest challenge society has faced in a generation.

With gratitude for all we have, please stay safe and well, and take joy in the many thousands of acts of kindness that we are seeing and experiencing across the nation.