Colegrave Primary School solve a problem like…reading?!

This year, a huge focus for Colegrave was to instil a love of books in all of our children whilst also showing our pupils the impact books can have on lives.

Having researched lots of sponsored reads and wondering how best to choose a company, there was a feeling that they were all rather corporate and about how much money they could pocket. And then I stumbled on…Read for Good. I knew this was the one for Colegrave. How better to raise the profile of reading across the school, get our children to pick up more books whilst simultaneously raising money for such a wonderful cause?

After the initial assemblies, there was such a buzz with our children. They were inspired by the idea that reading could help others and the competitiveness simply encouraged their work!

Children were keen to approach me in the corridor and tell me about their fundraising and what they had been reading. Every assembly I went to, they all could talk about the purpose and impact of Read for Good. It was simply, inspiring.

On the final day, totalling the funds, I was overwhelmed by some of our pupils efforts. Families had come together and clearly recognised the importance of Read for Good’s work.

I created some book hampers for the children who were dedicated to the cause. One of the children in Year 2 had, of her own accord, written a beautiful piece explaining why she had tried so hard with the sponsored read. She asked to read it out in assembly in front of the whole of KS1. Fortunately, she also happened to be one of our winners and this passion for Read for Good was clear and inspiring! Here is her homemade speech: “Good Afternoon KS1. My name is Alayna. Today I am going to talk to you about the great Read for Good campaign and how I raised money to help. I love reading and so I contacted all my family and told them about the cause and how to raise money. Everyone sponsored me and I read more and more books so they would sponsor more! I raised £50 for the hospitals and sick children and I hope they love their new books.”

In total, we raised just over £300 and we can’t wait to host this event again next year. It gave our children drive and a purpose to their reading but also instilled a love and appreciation for books.

Thank you Read for Good!

Lauren Marchant

Assistant Head Teacher

English Lead

Colegrave Primary School