Dawn Greenall, Librarian at Churcher’s College

Dawn Greenall, Librarian at Churcher’s College in Petersfield tells how she created a Spooktaulcar Haunted Library for a Halloween Readathon! Take note for next year!

When we canvassed our Library regulars here at Churcher’s College in Petersfield to find out how they wanted to celebrate Halloween this year, there was only one answer – a Haunted Library! Read for Good seemed the most fitting charity for the library to support with this fun event.

We spent the morning hanging heavy blackout drapes from the second floor, emptying the furniture and setting a spooktacular scene. Books covered in cobwebs look very effective! When lunchtime arrived, excited pupils (not knowing quite what to expect for their 20p entrance fee…) entered through dry-ice to the dimly lit Haunted Library. They weaved their way through a spider’s web to pass through graveyards, upturned tables and bowls of entrails and eyeballs into which only the bravest would put their hands. Many of our teachers had fully embraced the chance to dress up, and hid behind curtains, under tables and in cupboards to jump out at the already spooked students! Who knew our teachers were so scary?!

It was a fantastic event, which many of the students were excited to experience several times over – what a great way to fill students with a renewed excitement to come to their school library!

In total we are delighted to have raised £60 for Read for Good and we will continue to use the Library as a venue to fundraise for this worthwhile Charity – we just hope your future books don’t arrive with any spooky surprises!

Dawn Greenall
Churcher’s College