Our work in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children was the first hospital to ever receive Read for Good’s amazing service. We started providing a regular supply of brand new books, supported by visits from storyteller Wilf (fresh from winning Young Storyteller of the Year 2009), in 2010.

Back then, Cherry from Read for Good HQ lovingly wheeled a suitcase full of new titles into the hospital every six weeks, arranging them personally on our hand-built prototype bookcase. It really was a sight to behold!

Whilst some things change, such as the books now being delivered by our trusty courier, many of the best things have stayed the same. The books, which continue arriving every six weeks, are still carefully displayed on our beautiful, bespoke mobile bookcases. In addition, Wilf is still spreading his joy and enthusiasm on the wards in Bristol, capturing the imaginations of children every year.